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Emily Vandyck

Managing Paralegal

Phone: 952-465-0793 Email:

About Emily

Emily Vandyck is the managing paralegal for Fogg & Powers, overseeing a team of talented legal professionals.  Emily joined the firm in 2011 and has worn many hats over the past decade.  Emily began as an administrative assistant; a role in which she did everything from answering the phones to maintaining physical files to assisting the paralegals with various projects.  After she had proven herself to be a hard and dedicated worker, Emily was promoted to be a member of the paralegal team.  In that capacity, Emily began assisting the attorneys with filing of prosecution documents, keeping clients informed of the progress of their matters, and helping with other aspects of complex prosecution.


In her tenure with the firm, Emily has been a contributor to the development of our firm systems and culture.  Emily has taken an active role in creating and maintaining our practice guidelines.  As our resident trainer, Emily has helped other paralegals learn our firm procedures and other aspects of patent prosecution.  And as managing paralegal, Emily has been actively involved in nurturing the growth of each member of our paralegal group.


Outside of work, Emily enjoys playing video games, spending time with her family, reading, and hanging out with her cats.

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