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Stefanie Henjum

Lead Docketing Paralegal

Phone: 952-465-0766  Email:

About Stefanie

Stefanie Henjum is the lead docketing paralegal for Fogg & Powers. Stefanie joined the firm in 2009 as an administrative assistant and, two years later, was promoted to join our docketing team. Stefanie took on her leadership role in the docketing team in 2016. As lead docketing paralegal, Stefanie oversees all docketing for all US and Foreign applications for the firm. 

Over the years, Stefanie has played a key role in building firm practices and guidelines.  Stefanie has also trained multiple members of our docketing team. In addition, Stefanie coordinates all file transfer projects for the firm. When the firm upgraded to a new web-based docketing system, Stefanie led the efforts of our paralegal team to move our data to the new system to get the firm running smoothly in the new system as quickly as possible.

Stefanie enjoys living in Minneapolis and going out on her sailboat, seeing live music events, eating delicious food, and spending time with her family, friends, and cats. Her love of people, food, music, art, and travel have taken her sailing in the Caribbean and the Gulf, and on travels to France, Greece, the Netherlands, Northern Ireland, the U.K., Vancouver, N.Y.C., New Orleans, Chicago, Hawaii, Nevada, California, and Florida, to list some highlights.


  • Bachelor of Science in Sociology, Augsburg University

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